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Commercial breeders need early maturing, easy calving, moderate framed bulls but with something that can finish them off. So that was our aim and still is today- and we’re getting results.

We sourced mostly Palgrove and Fernvale genetics that had already proven their worth and currently have cows by Ijjoufflu, Platinum Ultra, Impair, Duke 835, Harvey Jager & Redemption, Eatons Leader just to name a few.

We wanted to start our stud with cows that could put the punch into our calves so the cattle sourced were mostly Poll and moderate framed.

Then we needed bulls to compliment such genetics in our females. Fernvale Bullseye was among the first to be bought. He was purchased off Ann and Tom in 2006 as a yearling and hasn’t let us down since.

All Calves are weighed at birth, 200 days, 400 days, 600 days and scrotal measurements taken and submitted to ABRI in order to give purchasers the best EBV information possible. Calves are also 7 in 1 and 3 day vaccinated. The whole herd receives boosters every 12 months.

Happy Breeding

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